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Mark Syp’s Credentials...

Mark Syp is a Multimedia Journalist. Bob Edwards of Sirius XM and NPR has called Mark Syp “extremely intelligent, intellectually curious and a very fast learner [who] will blend in well with any staff.” Edwards was Mark’s alumni mentor at American University, where Mark earned his Masters in Broadcast Journalism after earning his undergraduate degree in English at Princeton University. At American, Mark learned how to cover news in a variety of mediums, including television, radio, print and online.

Mark spent several years working as a journalist in Washington DC. During this time he covered the 2008 Presidential Election. He reported live Election night returns from cultural touchstone Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street for the Washington Times. He also covered the Inauguration of Barack Obama, interviewing the reverend who served the inaugural mass. Mark also wrote, filmed and narrated Firing Back, a documentary film about the efforts being taken by local activists to stem the tide of gun violence in the nation’s capital. Most of those interviewed for the film were former gang members who were dedicated to preventing local youth from making the same mistakes they did.
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While in DC, Mark also worked for Sirius XM Book Radio, interviewing several authors live on air, ranging from “Frost/Nixon” historian James Reston Jr. to superstar comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. He also wrote, produced and voiced a number of on-air promos that ran nationally. Book Radio Program Director/Host Maggie Linton called Mark “a true professional” and “a creative, thoughtful interviewer [with] a sense of humor that can be shared by all.” Linton’s co-host Kim Alexander lauded Mark’s “drive and motivation,” as well as his “own unique perspective, wit and insight.”
The best of Mark's work for Sirius XM can be found on the "Radio" page.

Mark has recently returned to the Central New Jersey area, where he has been writing feature stories for the Times of Trenton, the paper of record of Central New Jersey. His stories have covered a diverse range of subject matter, including culture, history, entertainment and business. While writing for the Times, Mark has interviewed individuals ranging from Moya Brennan, the “first lady of Celtic music” to Brawley “Cheese” Chisholm, a member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters.
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Mark has also spent the last several years doing writing and editorial work for Educational Testing Service. He has written material for several tests, including the SAT. He also edits the research reports of ETS’ international team of scholars. ETS Editorial Services manager Kim Fryer has said “the quality of his work is high. He’s attentive to details and thorough in his approach.”

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