Work with W. Joseph Campbell

Getting it Wrong
Dr. Campbell's latest book, for which I served as research assistant. Examines and debunks the popular myths surrounding famous moments in journalism (Watergate and The Washington Post, Murrow vs. McCarthy, Cronkite on Vietnam, War of the Worlds Hysteria, W.R. Hearst "furnishing" the Spanish-American War, Bra-Burning and more). Published this summer.

Media Myth Alert
Dr. Campbell's Blog. Frequently updated examination and discussion of popular media-myths, including a preview of a few addressed in the forthcoming book.

Work with Colum Hourihane

While working as an assistant to Dr. Hourihane, I worked (editing, researching and/or other tasks) on the following texts:

Objects, Images, and the Word: Art in the Service of the Liturgy (2003)

Irish Art Historical Studies in Honour of Peter Harbison (2004)

The Processional Cross in Late Medieval England: The Dallye Cross (2004)

Between the Picture and the Word (2005)

Time in the Medieval World: Occupations of the Month and Signs of the Zodiac in the Index of Christian Art (2007)

Interactions: Artistic Exchange Between the Eastern and Western Worlds in the Medieval Period (2007)

Romanesque Art and Thought in the Twelfth Century: Essays in Honor of Walter Cahn (2008)

Pontius Pilate, Anti-semitism, and the Passion in Medieval Art (2009)